Relentless in her pursuit of embracing digital marketing, Evangeline had 10 years of experience in this scene with her previous appointments, but she does not stop there. Evangeline sees a great potential in the digital marketing landscape that is yet to be unleashed, especially in empowering SMEs as they execute their innovative ideas. This realisation led to the birth of Kobe Global Technologies that she founded, a pending patent* AI-driven advertising platform that pairs advertisers with relevant everyday influencers. 口碑,Kou Bei, which means ‘word-of-mouth’, hinges the fulcrum for Kobe’s social media digital marketing, where businesses are represented right before their target audience in a credible manner.

We are always fonder of recommendations from our closer circle of friends and relatives, aren’t we? Social gatherings are where word-of-mouths is typically transmitted, but social media intensifies this process in our everyday lives even more. Kobe just marries the two – conventional ways of marketing through reliable sources from the people we trust, through an unprecedented way of embracing the social media landscape.