October 2017

Guide to Identify Relevant Influencers

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Overview on Influencer Marketing

Relevancy is Key

Through different celebrity endorsements, it becomes easier for many businesses to reach a larger number of customers and create relevance between the business and the consumers. In fact, the audiences put their trust on the influencers than the brands. Hence, it is essential to match up to relevant influencers to […]

How Influential Can Word of Mouth Be

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What is Word of Mouth

How Effective is Word of Mouth

Have you witnessed something and you had to share with your family and friends about it? Or having a wonderful experience at a restaurant and instagram-ing about it?
That is word of mouth marketing.

In case you didn’t know yet, it is an organic method of distributing information that utilizes […]

Important Guide to Finding Influencers at SEA

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Finding Influencers in SEA

Tips to target relevant influencers

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One of the best marketing strategies you could do for your business is having influencers in SEA. Building your business in the counties of Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia could be challenging but you have the right influencer to help you […]

Social Media Strategies for Business

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Importance of Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies are how the company, plans to use social platforms to achieve effective communications with prospects and generate a following on the platform.

Tips on how to develop a social media marketing plan

It is vital in promoting good public relations. Despite the potential benefits, many brands do not exploit this […]

September 2017

How blog marketing can drive sales for your company

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How can Blog Marketing Drive Sales for your Company?

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Looking for an excellent solution that will drive sales for your business? Or perhaps, searching for a tool that will help you stand out from your competition? There is no need to look further than blog marketing. […]

July 2017

Current Marketing Trends

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The Current Marketing Trends

Things change in an instant in the field of internet marketing. One day it is about content, the following day is about anchor text. The next day it’s about acquiring likes and the next morning it is about post engagement.

video marketing

Video Marketing

Video […]

June 2017

6 Tips to start your Social Media Marketing

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Everything starts with planning. Setting up your goal and determining whether these goals are achievable is a good start. Nowadays, people are focusing on social media because many people are using it. People are even relying upon social media for their own purposes. And people are continuously earning money out of it.

To start your Social […]

April 2017

Personalized Marketing: The Ultimate Solution To Boost Sales

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Guide to Personalised Marketing

Personalized marketing is one of the best way to stay ahead of your competitors. If you haven’t heard this latest buzz phrase yet, you’re missing out!  “Personalised marketing at scale” might be fast becoming the newest digital marketing trend and  it represents a new way of thinking that will permanently transform […]