Project Description

Before Kobe:

NTUC Income Eco Run found it difficult in search for relevant influencers – marathon runners who are at the same time passionate about going green.

After Kobe:

Matched the target audience that NTUC Income Eco Run desired, and received the outreach of awareness it had hoped for, using Instagram, Facebook and Dayre, through the relevant influencers.


399,762 trusted outreach + 7,691 engagements


“We’re impressed with Kobe! Initially we’re skeptical with such new technologies but Kobe got exactly who our target audience is, the fitness enthusiasts – all we had to do was to sit back and approve the submissions. Even better, Kobe exceed the usual benchmark of engagement rate in influencer marketing by 4 times as well as over-delivering the initial outreach target by 6 times!”

– Zhang Shuhui, NTUC Income Marketing Manager