Before Kobe: Limited access to Asian influencers when it initially expanded to Asia from the US. Tinder was also hoping that users will be forthcoming in sharing their experience making friends through its application, just like their Facebook and Instagram experience. After Kobe: Users are becoming more aware that its application is not so much [...]

Fastjobs (SPH)

Before Kobe: Despite its current success, FastJobs is eager to remain competitive in the market by looking for ways to reposition itself as a portal that offers full time job as well, in addition to what it already has. After Kobe: The challenge was to increase the awareness of FastJobs app. Through this case, FastJobs [...]


Before Kobe: Shopee is looking at increasing the number of users on their platform, and was hoping that social media marketing would help to raise awareness of the application since its launch. After Kobe: The awareness of the existence of the application rose significantly, with also increasing number of downloads of the application. Shopee's Results: [...]


Before Kobe: Qanvast is a relatively new application in the market. Hence, it was hoping to increase its brand awareness and number of application downloads. After Kobe: Everyday influencers shared their experience of using Qanvast application. As a result, people saw its user-friendliness and relevance to interior designing. Results: 81,032 outreach and 3,412 engagements in [...]