Before Kobe: In conjunction with Mother's Day and Father's Day, Delifrance had launched their seasonal cakes for these two occasions - namely, Green Tea Mousse cake and Tiramisu cake. Not only did they hope to drive the sales of the cakes, but definitely to become a choice for their customers whenever they think of getting [...]



Client's Testimonial: "Kobe has given us a new perspective to social media marketing, from a straightforward process of getting to know our products, to an original content generated from an authentic experience this niche target group of healthy snackers provides. Fresh looks and new insights covered - certainly a unique and unconventional way of marketing!" [...]


Before Kobe: Having a strong presence in the Chinese community, Yikowei is looking to tap into the Malay community with their pineapple tarts, just in time for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. After Kobe: There were creative ways that the influencers did to promote the pineapple tarts for this campaign. In conclusion, not only did Yikowei managed [...]

The Quarters

Before Kobe: The Quarters hopes that Kobe can help them create hype and buzz to raise the awareness of their restaurant. After Kobe: The strategy is to post to across social media platforms such as Instagram. With 10 micro-influencers, who fits the specific criteria of love for local delights, to share their dining experience at [...]


Before Kobe: It is a relatively new soup retailer in the market (operates online), hence it needs to compete with already popular competitors like the Soup Spoon. Therefore, Hot Soup was trying to find its niche and cater to a specific target group, like health-conscious eater and those who prefer home-cooked food. After Kobe: Delectable [...]

Ma Maison

Before Kobe: Ma Maison had opened their latest outlet at Takashimaya, which many had not realised this gem that is secluded in the shopping mall. After Kobe: Western and Japanese food enthusiasts get to try this mixed cuisines and share their experience about the food they had tried. Results: 171,184 outreach + 8,453 engagements within 1 month. [...]

Yu Kee Duck Rice

Before Kobe: Previously, duck rice was not a choice for "Instagram-worthy" food. Yu Kee Duck Rice not only wanted to change the trend then, it also hoped for loyal customers who have been ardent supporters on its duck rice to share their growing up story, having Yu Kee as a household name.   Results: 247,590 [...]