Changi Airport Group-iShopChangi

Before Kobe: The campaign aims to increase awareness and usage of this online shopping website by CAG. This is a relatively new concept to many Singaporeans and this platform shows a great usage for many frequent travelers. After Kobe: Specific group of influencers were involved to educate the product - iShopChangi. The promotion of this [...]


Before Kobe: Kidzbee is looking to establish their brand name strongly in the baby products market online to supplement their offline presence. After Kobe: Besides achieving online presence and awareness, Kidzbee has now managed to interact more with their target audience thanks to comprehensive reviews done by the influencers in their postings. The public has [...]


Before Kobe: Bata has a new concept store and they would like to create awareness among its target audience using social media. After Kobe: Other than just creating awareness for its new concept store, there are also many influencers who started to approach Bata for collaboration. This gives Bata an opportunity to expand its reach to more [...]


Before Kobe: CentrePoint’s departmental store experienced difficulty in maintaining high human traffic. After Kobe: More specific marketing strategies were implemented, such as for parenting, male and female shoppers who enjoy the different sections of the departmental store. In addition, FREE signup of membership is given out where buyers can get to enjoy 10% discount all [...]