Before Kobe: No access to Asian influencers as Tinder is based in the US. After Kobe + Results: 15 posts covering 180,000 outreach within 2 weeks.  


Before Kobe: Shopee is looking at increasing the number of users on their platform. They have been using social media marketing since launch to raise awareness of the application but it is effective to a

The Quarters

Before Kobe: The Quarters hopes that Kobe can help them create hype and buzz to raise the awareness of their restaurant. After Kobe: The strategy is to post to across social media platforms such as


Before Kobe: Qanvast wants to increase its brand awareness as it is a relatively new application in the market. Prior to engage Kobe, the application download is rather low. After Kobe: The strategy is to


Before Kobe: Low foot traffic for CentrePoint's departmental store. After Kobe: The strategy is to spread parenting, male and female shoppers to share across the different areas of CenterPoint's departmental store - shouting out FREE

NTUC Income

Before Kobe: Only using 'celebrity influencers' which are not relevant to their campaign on "NTUC Income Eco Run" which require marathon runners that are passionate about going green. After Kobe: The strategy is to post


Before Kobe: Online new soup shop - drowned by popular Soup Spoon After Kobe: Strategy is to post across through 3 social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Dayre. With 11 micro-influencers with specific criteria: Health-conscious

Ma Maison

Before Kobe: New outlet at Takashimaya that is in a secluded corner. After Kobe: 15 influencers who are foodie and have a passion for food. Results: 171,184 outreach + 8,453 engagements within 1 month.  

Yu Kee Duck Rice

Before Kobe: Duck rice = Not “Instagram-worthy” food, 0 posts After Kobe: With 30 micro-influencers with specific criteria: 1)Foodie, specifically Singaporean food or hawker food 2)Grew up with Yu Kee as a household name Results: 247,590