Before Kobe: Limited access to Asian influencers when it initially expanded to Asia from the US. Tinder was also hoping that users will be forthcoming in sharing their experience making friends through its application, just [...]


Before Kobe: Shopee is looking at increasing the number of users on their platform, and was hoping that social media marketing would help to raise awareness of the application since its launch. After Kobe: The [...]

The Quarters

Before Kobe: The Quarters hopes that Kobe can help them create hype and buzz to raise the awareness of their restaurant. After Kobe: The strategy is to post to across social media platforms such as [...]


Before Kobe: Qanvast was hoping to increase its brand awareness and number of application downloads as it is a relatively new application in the market. After Kobe: Everyday influencers shared their experience of using Qanvast [...]


Before Kobe: It is a relatively new soup retailer in the market (operates online), hence it needs to compete with already popular competitors like the Soup Spoon. Therefore, Hot Soup was trying to find its [...]

Ma Maison

Before Kobe: Ma Maison had opened their latest outlet at Takashimaya, which many had not realised this gem that is secluded in the shopping mall. After Kobe: Western and Japanese food enthusiasts get to try this [...]