August 2017

Instagram’s new advertising initiative

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Instagram’s New Tool

Instagram Stories

influencer marketing, instagram marketing

According to Social Media Examiner, marketers are operating towards the use of visual platforms such as Instagram for their marketing initiatives due to its increased value. As cliche as it sounds, it is true that pictures speak a thousand words. The digital […]

How Should Marketers Optimize Social Content

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Guide to Utilize Social Media Effectively

Creating Unique, Shareable, Engaging Content

Most companies today utilize social media to market their content. However, they don’t optimize social content. The difference between using and actually succeeding in using social media marketing is quite astounding. In the past, the use of social media for business tended to be in series of […]

6 free tools to help your social media

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Going into social media management without external tools is akin to going into a gunfight with just a knife. Hence, it is recommended that marketers focus on developing the best angles to engage audiences as the digital realm is getting ever-competitive and crowded.


Who says you need to hire […]

Why Traditional Businesses Are Going Digital?

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The way businesses were conducted 20 or 50 years ago are very different today. Social media marketing thrives with over a billion of Facebook users and hundreds of thousands of businesses using digital media to promote their brand and service.

But, what is it really about these technologies that most, if not all, of businesses are […]

July 2017

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

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Overview of Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Marketing is not a difficult task anymore. With the different solutions available online, promoting your business, reaching your target market, and increasing the number of your potential clients have been easy and simple. However, not all marketing tools are effective and efficient.

To […]

How Social Media Impacts Businesses

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Marketing in this Digital Age

Why business should use social media marketing

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Social Media has affected many things in the world. Consumers are visiting social media sites instead of company websites to get product information. Trends also show that there is a higher traffic on social media as […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of using hashtags in Social Media Marketing

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What are Hashtags in Social Media

hashtags, do's and dont's

Hashtags are commonly found on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tinder. These tags are famous nowadays. Hence, you will be able to find them near hot trending topics found on any social media site. In addition, others […]

Current Marketing Trends

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The Current Marketing Trends

Things change in an instant in the field of internet marketing. One day it is about content, the following day is about anchor text. The next day it’s about acquiring likes and the next morning it is about post engagement.

video marketing

Video Marketing

Video […]

June 2017

6 Tips to start your Social Media Marketing

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Everything starts with planning. Setting up your goal and determining whether these goals are achievable is a good start. Nowadays, people are focusing on social media because many people are using it. People are even relying upon social media for their own purposes. And people are continuously earning money out of it.

To start your Social […]

How to earn your customer’s trust

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It is important to earn your customers’ trust to keep your business sustainable in the long run. Social media marketing still remains as one of the most effective methods of promoting your businesses to your customers. However, you need to understand the fact that not everyone would believe what you are saying in your marketing campaign. […]