What SMEs and Startups Need to Know about Singapore Budget 2017 – SMEs Go Digital Programme

To all SMEs and Startups, good news for you! Singapore’s Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat delivered the Singapore Budget 2017 speech in parliament yesterday (20 February 2017). Firstly in his speech, he highlighted that in an rapidly changing world, Singapore firms need to use digital technology and embrace innovation in order to stay competitive. Therefore, [...]

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Social Proof Marketing Strategy

Social proof is considered a psychological phenomenon where a lot of people assume others’ actions as supposedly, the correct behaviors. Usually, it happens in ambiguous social situations where individuals are uncertain to identify the right mode of action. They are driven by the assumption that others have more knowledge and experience. Its effect can also [...]

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Easy Guide: 4 Steps to Finding Instagram Influencers

  What is Instagram and why is it important? Instagram is one of the latest social networks around. As a user-friendly mobile application, it brings out the mobile photography geniuses in all of us. It allows the user to capture photos and videos of whatever they like and edit them as they want. It also [...]

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Viral Marketing: How We Got 285 Entries in 3 Days!

During the Chinese New Year festive season, Kobe decided to engage its influencers in an unprecedented way by getting them to participate in KobexCNY Instagram post entry contest. Within merely three days, Kobe garnered a whopping response of entries from its followers, 285 to be precise. Here are 5 reasons how we nailed it: #1. [...]

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101 Guide to Bloggers in Singapore

Do you aim to become a popular blogger in Singapore? Becoming lifestyle blogger Singapore will require you to learn what kind of blog you want to write. Through this way, you have the opportunity to provide your best since you have a better idea where you can start. Since the country of Singapore is considered [...]

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The Key To Content Marketing

What is the key to content marketing? Traditional marketing is becoming less effective with consumers getting more sophisticated. Traditional marketing is making way for  content marketing that offers greater  result.  Content marketing is a strategic marketing methods focuses on creating consistent and valuable content. This is in hope of  attracting or retaining your target audience. [...]

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Hashtag Game

  Do not fret when your sales stuck. Do not worry when your social media presence is not adding values to your business. Probably, you just need to break the routine and have some fun. Let’s play this game: The #HASHTAGS Game. It doesn’t cost you money, instead, it may bring you money and name. [...]

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7 Tips to Ace Social Media Marketing in Singapore

  The use of social media marketing Singapore today will help your business to go further and reach more customer. Since most of the customers can provide you good interaction regarding your brand through the use of social media platform, you need to ensure that you have strong social media plan for your marketing. Thus, [...]

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What is a Micro Influencer?

  If you are an internet marketing savvy, you have probably heard of influencer marketing Singapore, which mostly likely includes celebrities, YouTube stars and bloggers or a mix of them. However, if you really want to achieve online success without breaking the bank, you have to realize that micro influencer is more effective and reliable [...]

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