December 2017

Instagram Influencers in Singapore 2018

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Instagram Influencers When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is one of the best platforms to market your campaign. A picture says a thousand words - video and graphic advertisements are what that attracts your audience. Therefore, Instagram is one of the best social media platform to spread your message. High reach, high usage, high [...]

November 2017

How Social Media impacts Retail Businesses

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Why use social media for your business? Business owners, bу now, аrе nо strangers tо thе fact thаt social media hаvе what іt takes tо hеlр thеm іn the areas оf thеіr business. Whіlе mоѕt retailers hаvе аt lеаѕt dabbled іn web marketing аnd realized thе benefits оf e-commerce, some аrе ѕtіll struggling tо find thеіr legs [...]

October 2017

Should I use Live Streaming for my Business?

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Live Streaming Why you should use Live Stream for your Business Live Streaming video іѕ thе latest craze іn thе online world. Mаnу find іt convenient tо watch thеіr favorite videos online thrоugh Facebook аnd Instagram wіthоut hаvіng tо download іt оn thеіr respective computers. Mаnу hаvе used thіѕ convenient tool tо promote thеіr businesses [...]

Guide to Successful Launch of Product

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How to Effectively Introduce Your Product on Social Media Using influencers, Ads, Pre-Launch suspense, Giveaways If you wanted to effectively introduce your business to a different level of success, it is better for you to embrace the power of social media. Apart it can help you bring your product or services to a larger number of [...]

Drivers of Change in Digital Marketing

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Driving Changes in Digital Marketing Trends to take note for effective marketing In the field of business-to-business industry marketing, there will always be a rapid and ongoing process of change. The changes will constantly evolve in digital marketing. This will force the CEOs and other executives to rethink the processes. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following [...]

Social Media Strategies for Business

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Importance of Social Media Strategies Social media strategies are how the company, plans to use social platforms to achieve effective communications with prospects and generate a following on the platform. Tips on how to develop a social media marketing plan It is vital in promoting good public relations. Despite the potential benefits, many brands do [...]

September 2017

Why do people turn to social media to share stuff?

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Uses of Social Media To stay in touch, sharing what they believe in, support a brand/ cause etc. Social media is a platform for people to stay connected and to share their stories. The amount of time people spend on social media is increasing. This is because social media has fast become quickly integrated into [...]

What Instagram means to businesses

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How Instagram impacts Businesses How business can use Instagram to reach larger audiences Half of Instagram users follow businesses on Instagram. Not only that, more than half of the users look for new products through the social media platform. That’s why it is one of the top business tools today. New Media Vs Traditional Media The internet has [...]

Matching to Relevant Influencers

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Influencer Marketing in Digital Age Why use Influencers Influencers have the reach to deliver messages to a large audience. Based on research, it is shown that people have the same level of confidence in influencers and in friends. As such, influencers have the ability to make the audiences have trust in the message they are [...]

August 2017

How Should Marketers Optimize Social Content

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Guide to Utilize Social Media Effectively Creating Unique, Shareable, Engaging Content Most companies today utilize social media to market their content. However, they don't optimize social content. The difference between using and actually succeeding in using social media marketing is quite astounding. In the past, the use of social media for business tended to be in [...]