DBS Bank – Multi-Currency Autosave (MCA)

DBS Bank Multi Currency Autosave (MCA) Before Kobe: Changing money before any overseas trip will always be a woe for many travelers out there. It is always a chore to spend in the foreign countries. As such, DBS has introduced a new programme to resolve this issue. After Kobe: However, spending overseas has been much [...]

Ministry Of Finance (MOF) – GST U-SAVE Voucher

Ministry Of Finance (MOF) GST U-SAVE Voucher Engaging Kobe: Firstly, Kobe sought 10 micro-influencers with the demographics of heartland/family. After which, they received the  Minitry of Finance (MOF) - GST U-SAVE vouchers and had the chance to learn more about Singapore's Financial landscape. Additionally, they got to share their experiences and encouraged their followers to [...]